Sunday, July 24, 2011

Woo! Just got back from a fun little vacation up in Denver. The husband and I went and got massages, drank lots of beer, ate some really good food and just generally really enjoyed each others company. The doggies came with us and were definitely super stars at the hotel we stayed at. Everyone loves a Corgi!

Anyway, now I'm back home and it's time to buckle down and start putting out lots of pretty sparkly pieces of cuteness. The fall means people are going to start shopping for the holidays, and I am really hoping to have several sales. The shop has been FAR more successful then I had ever hoped, and I want to continue to push myself farther and create TONS of amazing things.

I have plans for lots of new things, including perler bead accessories (gotta hop on that 8-bit bandwagon for sure) and I'd love to be able to start doing some resin work and even making my own 3d animal sculptures. I have a head full of ideas and I cannot wait to show you all what I come up with!

Also if you're not following me on Facebook, be sure to check out Artistic Geeks' review of my shop here:

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Nothing like a little free press to make your day!

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